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The colourful pearling capital of Australia is the ideal holiday destination for many from around the world.

Broome is home to approximately 16,000 people in the low/wet season and over 45,000 people per month during the tourist/dry season.

The coastal tourist town is the gateway to the north Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The Kimberley’s Dry Season, from May to October, is the most popular time for visitors. The warm, dry winter months offer a tropical getaway from the colder southern locations of Australia.

Getting Around Broome

Chinatown is the main town centre of Broome. Coles shopping complex, Best & Less, novelty shops, news agencies, bottle shops, cafes, restaurants and coffee shops are all located at Chinatown. Chinatown also offers art, cultural, historical and heritage locations to visit, including pearling shops and the Willie Creek Pearl Luggers Tour.

Cable Beach is located 6kms from Chinatown and is famous for the white sandy beach and the camel tours. Cable Beach has restaurants, bars, cafes, resorts and a few novelty shops.

Roebuck Bay is located 3kms from Chinatown. Roebuck Bay is iconically known for the Staircase to the Moon and Night Markets during the dry season. Roebuck Bay also has a child friendly water park, picnic facilities, playground and swimming beach. There’s also a boat ramp and historical points of interest to see.

A cafe overlooking the beach is open during the dry months. On a very low tide, you can walk to the sea-plane wreckage from a WWII Japanese bombing raid.

Gantheaume Point is located approximately 7.5kms from Chinatown and is a beautiful location to view the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. 

Bring your chairs, picnic platters, towels and blankets to witness the stunning view and witness the rocks turn bright red with the setting sun. On a low tide dinosaur footprints dating back over 130 million years can be located in the rocks.

Locations Around Broome